Be sure to check out all the attractions available in Bridgeton, from food to antiques, we have it for you!  While you're enjoying your stay please be sure to visit both the Covered Bridge and Grist Mill.

Bridgeton 1878 House

Shop for unique gifts, handmade crafts, vintage, farmhouse décor, antiques, and collectibles. Built in 1878, the two-story Victorian house was originally the miller’s home. Open weekends April-December, all special events and Covered Bridge Festival.

1822 Case Log Cabin

Shop for rustic gifts, cast iron cookware, handmade crafts, baskets, and pottery. Take a free tour and hear the history of the cabin and hearth cooking info. Field trips available, call 765-548-2760. The Cabin was the original home of the Case family in Parke County. Open weekends April-December, all special events and Covered Bridge Festival.

Conley Ford Bridge 1907

The Conley Ford bridge is located about 2 miles east of Bridgeton. There are 29 other covered bridges and another old mill located in the county.  Free maps are available at the Bridgeton Mill, April through November.


Bridgeton Country Store

The Country Store was built sometime between 1884-1886.  Today the building functions as a gift shop. The Bridgeton Country Store is open for the Covered Bridge Festival and some festivals.

Crooks Manor, the Baldridge House

The east side of the street contains both the Crooks Manor and the Baldridge house. Crooks Manor, which was built in 1883, now serves as a private home. The Baldridge house was built in 1906, and is open for some special events.

Ford Garage, Old Firehouse

The east side of downtown features the Old Ford Garage and the Old Firehouse, the Bridgeton Country Store, the 1879 Jones Place, and the Old Bridgeton Bank. Other than the Country Store these are open for the Covered Bridge Festival only.



1892 Iron Bridge

The iron bridge is located about one mile east of Bridgeton.


Ye Olde Covered Bridge Shoppe & the Old Lodge

Visit the Olde Covered Bridge Shoppe for gifts and collectibles. And during the Covered Bridge Festival, visit the Bean Shack out back for ham and beans and breakfast.


The Old Lodge

The brick Bridgeton Lodge building was originally built in 1869 by Dr. Crooks and is the oldest building in town. Owned by Old Lodge Properties, it is now home to the Shops of Old Lodge featuring antiques and vintage.



Bridgeton Mill

The Bridgeton mill was established in 1823 and rebuilt in 1870.  The image was taken from the north.  The mill has been family owned and operated for over 180 years, although not by the same family.  The mill grinds wheat into flour and corn into meal with 200 year-old French Buhr stones.  The mill is open April thru November, Thursday thru Monday, 10AM - "til- tired"

West Side of the Street

The 1892 Yellow Building is open during the Covered Bridge Festival.  While visiting Bridgeton be sure to check out the Bridgeton post office where you can get a postcard and have it postmarked from Bridgeton!

Bridgeton 1925 School

The once public school, now a private home, is open during Covered Bridge Festival and other community events.

West Side of Street - South

Collom's General Store, built in 1904, is open year-round with a deli, ice cream, groceries, chainsaw carvings, convenience store items, camping/fishing supplies and souvenirs. The 1874 Old Town Hall and the 1932 Station are all open for the Covered Bridge Festival only.


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